Lyndon Comprehensive Survey Results (Phase I)

Please note, we have redacted additional comments. If you are interested in seeing the full results, you can do so by request at the village hall.

Subcommittee Results (Phase II)

Please keep in mind, THESE ARE IDEAS ONLY. There is no guarantee these will be included in the plan and if they are, there is no guarantee that they will be 100% accomplished.  The plan is meant as a blueprint for the village officials to use to make decisions that will guide the community based on the feedback from residents for the next 10-15 years.

In attendance over the course of the subcommittee meetings included approximately 8 Lyndon Residents, 2 Lyndon Township Residents, and 1 rural economic advisor from Hillsdale who took particular interest in the project.

It should also be noted, that many of the following ideas depend upon each other. Small steps lead to bigger ones. Lyndon resident participation moving forward is still highly encouraged and NEEDED. If you want to be involved or have more ideas, reach out to Tim Hunter at 309-798-9732

Parks / Recreation

Results – Thursday, October 5th, 6pm –

  • Lyndon Bridge
    • Engineering Assessment of the Lyndon Bridge and ensure the village knows the limits of the property owned on both sides of the bridge.
    • Maintenance plan 5 years out. 10 years out. 15 years and beyond. Budget for this.
    • Introduce a different plaque system.  Current plaques collect water under them that rots the wood planks – reduces their lifespan.
    • Professional lighting (changing colors) under the bridge to be used for holiday events eg. green on St. Patricks Day, 4th of July Red/White/Blue,, etc. as well as safety. Can also be used in conjunction with Lyndon Events that happen in town or at the bridge.
    • Informational kiosks along the bridge or in the bridge park alongside the fence displaying information about the indians who once lived here, the ferries that were built to cross the river, the history of the bridge, and later the Old Settlers Reunions that took place on the other side of the bridge, etc.
    • Hangars off the side of the bridge (once used for telecommunication lines) can be used for signage. “Rock River” “1894” or You are “x ” miles from the Start of the RR trail (Horicon), and you are X miles from the terminus of the trail (Rock Island).
    • Rock River Trail – Ensure the Lyndon Bridge is tied into the Rock River Trail mapping system to encourage pedestrian/bicycle traffic in addition to be used as an argument to acquire funding. Work with IDOT for Rock River Trail signage along Commercial St/Rt. 78
    • Encourage events such as bicycle tours/races/running or a combination of these to promote eco-tourism in the Lyndon Area.
    • Create a Go-Fund-Me page for donations to the bridge. Non-profit organization is required.  
    • Acquire the State Historical Marker in addition to the National Register of Historical places. State Historical Markers are included in GPS/GIS maps and can encourage traffic to local businesses.
    • As to “trails’, in general….a “park-to-park” trail…from Richmond park, over the bridge , along the “old Lyndon Road”, to the State park , in P-town, was mentioned.
  • Boat Ramp for small crafts (canoe/kayak)
    • The boat ramp is a highly requested item according to the survey results and the sub-committee meeting. The old boat ramp location at 2nd avenue and the Lyndon Bridge locations appear to the only village owned areas to build a boat ramp without acquiring new property.  
    • Parking is a concern, but visitors could easily walk to the business district or the bridge if provided with additional signage at the ramp for “things to do”
    • Grants available.
  • Richmond Park
    • Get funding to completely revamp the basketball court/tennis/pickleball court area so that it is usable.
    • Add a water fountain
    • Upgrade playground equipment (perhaps through a grant).
    • More planters to beautify the park.
    • Update/New signage at Richmond Park.  Include the story of how the park was started and the community effort to make it happen along with the story of Rocky the Crow.
    • Possible Pavilion at Richmond Park. Some discussion about making it something that is portable allowing it to be moved to other areas of the village (ie the Bridge) for other events.
  • Lyndon Veterans Memorial
    • Maintain good care of the property as it serves as a model for the rest of our parks. Weeding/landscaping/mowing.
  • Lyndon Fields
    • (the ball parks on the east side of town) – This is owned and operated by the Prophetstown Park District. Some discussion around the care and maintenance of that property is lacking. Work with the Park District to come up with ways to ensure the maintenance schedule is agreeable.


ResultsThursday, October 12, 6pm – Infrastructure Planning (Roads, Utilities, Street Lights, Sidewalks, Buildings/Zoning, etc.)

  • Sidewalk repair around town, possible new sidewalks connecting proposed boat ramp area to the business district.
  • Tree replacement plan. Many overgrown trees that need to be removed and trimmed. Possible incentives to residents for the “right” kind of trees and correct placement of the trees were discussed.
  • Discussion regarding the main drag through town. Illinois Transportation grants offer streetscaping type of funding that could include accessible sidewalks (think Winning Wheels), bike lanes, pedestrian walkways, and overall reconstruction to ensure safety.
  • Discussion around business district lighting (underground wired lighting) with antique style lamps. Additional mention of the current telephone pole/wires over the main drag and whether or not we can come up with funding to replace that with a more up to date underground wiring system.
  • ROADS – Work on a plan to systematically redo each road in the village over time and ensure this cycles through the village every 10-15 years where the roads are in good shape most of the time.
  • Discussion around business and commercial property owner incentives.
    • Attracting local business/entrepreneurs is something the survey results have indicated is strong, however the current environment could be improved to entice local business to want to open shop in Lyndon.
    • Facade incentives were discussed (facade meaning the building’s facing or outside appearance) making it more attractive/conducive to local business/visitors. Incentives to commercial property owners in the form of offering a money match or a percentage of property improvements. The program would need to be hashed out.
    • Ideas included offering a set of approved color schemes/materials to use/awning selection and other ideas to improve the overall property value for the property owner at the same time improving the overall appearance riding through town. In turn, the village and its residents can possibly see a change in the local business environment.

Lyndon Beautification

ResultsThursday, October 19th, 6pm – Lyndon Beautification (Ideas and Plans)

  • Ordinance violation enforcement. Discussion around how violations are handled currently and whether or not there needs to be an additional enforcement mechanism such as a magistrate (requires additional cost). Ordinance violations are big concerns of the residents and coming up with ways to handle it should be a top priority.
  • Proper maintenance schedule of village owned properties to include weeding around stop signs, the bridge, Richmond Park, main drag, village owned properties, etc.
  • Utilize SVCC Impact students to help with removal of graffiti under the Lyndon Bridge and other areas of town, help with other beautification tasks.
  • Possibly, a “adopt a flower bed” system…for both Richmond Park, and the “Bridge Park”. Something that would be similar to the planters at the “Welcome to Lyndon” signs , as you enter the village. Trees, and shrubs could be made available to property owners, to help replace those trees we have had to remove……and, there are places on “Village Property’, that could benefit from some replacement trees, as well. 
  • Noted that you can think of trees as a long term” investment./……the “right tree”, in the “right place’, is at least a 100 year investment in property values, clean air, AND “good looks”.
  • Yard of the Month”, or “lawn of the Month” type of contest might spur some property owners into keeping things a bit “nicer”.
  • Village “Volunteer Work Day”  for park clean-up (Richmond, Bridge>, and Village Hall) might get some residents in the spirit of taking care of the town – it’s theirs!
  • Flower pots along the business district
  • Vertical Banners on the telephone poles as you ride through town highlighting Lyndon’s history (1835, First County Seat, Lyndon Bridge, etc)
  • Discussion around creating a strategic committee who come up with “renderings” of how these things would look to present to the village board and the public.
  • Discussion about eye-popping murals on some of the commercial buildings (requires permission from property owners). Murals can tell the story of Lyndon or highlight a related event that shows pride in our town or make it a destination site to see. Mention of getting the local high school art kids submit ideas.
  • Many grants available!

Historical Lyndon

Results – Wednesday , October 26th, 6pm – Historical Lyndon ( Highlighting Lyndon’s Rich History – Ideas and Planning)

  • There is a lot to discuss with Lyndon’s historical importance in the county. Much discussion was around find ways to highlight Lyndon as the place of many “firsts” in the county. Lyndon Founders petitioned for the formation of the county, the first court was held here, Lyndon was the first county seat, first organized schools, first church, and many others. It’s where everything started.
    • Additional memorials or markers to highlight the history around town.
    • Could come in the form of a designated Lyndon founders statue or commemorative plaque or small park with informational pieces about the “firsts”.
  • Mention of Alpheus Clark (commander of the Illinois infantry in the Civil War) revered in the county for many years who was from Lyndon. Talk of highlighting him in some way at the Lyndon Veterans Memorial (statue/special mention/etc.). General Clendenin who was part of the Lincoln conspirators also attended law school in Lyndon and was the General above Clark. Both instrumental in the Civil War.
  • Incorporate commemorative brown street signs that have the old historic names on them. Dudley Street, Scott, Greene, etc.
  • Mention of creating a “Sister City” with Lyndon, VT
  • Various historical mentions that can be used will be found on the Resources page.
  • Mention of a “Numbered walking tour”….i.e. #1 Old Methodist Church, built in****, #2 John Roy’s Tavern, built in ****,etc. etc.
  • 2035 will be the 200th anniversary of the founding of Lyndon. Discussion about having a big celebration. Planning will need to be a few years in advance. Volunteers will be needed.
  • The Lyndon Bridge can be referenced in the Parks/Recreation section above.

Social Events

Results – Thursday, November 2nd, 6pm – Social Events ( Ideas and Planning)

  • Various ideas were discussed about Lyndon Events. The village board’s position on events is to 100% support efforts that the village residents want in terms of events. Creating the events is something usually brought forth by the community. As some of the above begins to be accomplished (or while we wait), it is hoped that more residents will want to be involved in creating new events and supporting existing ones. Some ideas presented are as follows.
    • Bring back the Crow Fest, or have it be called something else “Kids Day”, but have an event that could coincide with other already established events such as the Car Show/Pancake Breakfast
      • Golf Cart/Side by Side parade.
      • Games for the kids/Magician/Bags Tourney/3-3 Basketball perhaps against nearby town teams (requires our basketball court to be improved)
      • Band
      • Dunk Tank
      • Get donations from businesses / additional police presence from nearby towns
      • Fill in lack of volunteerism with SVCC Impact Program students
      • Beer tent (was mentioned as it brings in the most money)
      • 50/50 Raffle/Bingo
      • Vendors
    • Farm Tractor Show in late summer to tie in with the farm/country beginnings of Lyndon
    • Farmers Market (was a highly requested item on the survey results). This needs to be explored on location and organization.
    • Kayak/Canoe Fun Float (requires boat ramp) – Park to Park race then get out and enjoy the additional festivities around town.
    • Triathlon style race (Run/Bike/Kayak)
    • Lyndon Bridge Bash and the Lighting of the Bridge Events can be expanded.
    • Lyndon Veteran Memorial events on holidays. Perhaps a color guard and honoring our vets ceremony at the park.
    • Discussion on whether or not to charge for usage of the Richmond Park and/or charging for admission at some of the events.

What’s Next? Phase III – Special Meetings (open to the public)

The next step in the comprehensive planning process will be to start to hash out the goals, objectives, tasks, and budgets needed to accomplish what the community wants. “Special Meeting” is actually a term used in government to hold a public meeting (with all the trustees) to ensure it complies with the Open Meetings Act. You are welcome to sit in on the discussion at the Village Hall.

We’ll put the goals and objectives for Lyndon into the following categories.

  • 1-3 Years
  • 4-5 Years
  • 5-10 Years
  • Beyond 10 Years

Be on the lookout on the Village of Lyndon website for when those special meetings will begin.

Then What?

Then we’ll continue to work on the DRAFT of the Comprehensive Plan. Once the DRAFT is complete, we will send it out to the public for review prior to Lyndon trustees approval.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Tim Hunter at 309-798-9732 text or call. Or you can contact Lyndon Village Hall.