HELP and FAQ’s


You will notice we are gathering feedback not only from the residents of the Village of Lyndon, but from anyone who wants to take this survey. The survey is set up in a manner in which Lyndon residents receive additional questions that those who do not live with the village limits will see. Those who are 18 and under are also encouraged to take the survey as we limit their questions even further, but we still want to know what they think.

Scoring and consideration of the results are placed highest for those who have indicated they live within the village limits. However, there are those that work here, own businesses, have family, grew up here, are from nearby towns and Lyndon Township, that we can gain insights from.

Absolutely! However take into consideration, their feedback will not be scored as high as feedback coming from someone who lives within the Village of Lyndon.

Yes! On every question page, you can simply click ” Finish Later”. You will be emailed a link that will take you right where you left off. You only have 30 Days before the link expires though.

Nothing! Volunteer work is amazing, (edited 8/14) however we are using a minimal amount of money to advertise the survey.

The survey can be completed on a computer or a smart phone. We would highly encourage you to complete the survey in that manner. If you are unable, please call the Village Hall for a paper copy, or call the Village Hall where we can set you up with a time to come in and use one of our complimentary computers.

Yes we do not collect any names or addresses so that we can get the most honest and frank responses from the respondents.

You should only attempt it once. If you are attempting to skew results of the survey, we have systems in place that deter any kind of abuse of that may incur. IP address limiting, spoofing, and other attacks will be discouraged and identified.

This is most likely due to your web browser. Try clearing your cache or trying a different browser. If that doesn’t work contact Village Hall and we’ll make sure your voice is heard through the survey!

Make sure you indicate you’d like to volunteer when asked on the survey. There will be a need for sub-committees to dive deeper into the survey results. We absolutely would like your help!