Lyndon History

Other Interesting facts

  • Steven Douglas (famous for his debates with Abraham Lincoln) once spoke here in Lyndon
  • Lyndon was once the educational hub for the county. Students from all over the county including Sterling attended school in Lyndon.
    • One of them most notably was David R. Clendenin who attended what was known as the Lyndon Academy (one of the best higher educational schools in the state at the time) to study law. He later was the commanding officer of the 8th Illinois Cavalry and fought with Captain Clark of Lyndon (Company C) in the Civil War. Clendenin was also one of 9 members of the military commission that tried and convicted the Lincoln conspirators from May 8, 1865, to July 15, 1865
  • Lyndon had many citizens volunteer in the United States Civil War.
  • The Underground Railroad (link requires Facebook) was active right here in Lyndon and the Township.
  • Teddy Roosevelt camped at the Lyndon Bridge with his Rough Riders
  • David B. Sears who is credited for founding Moline, IL built a dam across the Rock River here in Lyndon (that eventually failed)
  • Lyndon citizens saved the Lyndon Bridge from destruction and opened it up for pedestrian and bicycle use.
  • Lyndon was once on its way to becoming a major city in the county.

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Want more? Visit the Lyndon Historical Society or start Googling. You live in a historic place.

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